My Budget Kayaking Gear

In this video I go over the kayaking gear that I take with me on my SUV camping trips and adventures. I’ve always wanted a kayak and finally bit the bullet and got myself one at the start of this last summer. It was definitely worth the investment! I had a great time with it before I had to put it away for the winter.

This video covers info about the kayak, paddle, life jacket, and roof rack kayak holder that I use. I basically got the cheapest pieces of equipment I could find, but they all work really well for me. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

Gear in This Video

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Adding a Toilet to a Subaru Forester for SUV Camping

A very common question from people who want to camp or live in their SUV is how/where they are supposed to go to the bathroom. There are a number of different ways to address this problem, and ny personal toilet solution has 3 components:

  1. I use public toilets whenever possible. This includes toilets at Walmarts, gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, libraries, visitor centers, trailheads, etc.
  2. I have a pee bottle for when I need to pee inside of my vehicle and don’t want to leave. This can be due to privacy concerns (e.g., there are other people camped nearby) or weather concerns (e.g., it’s cold or rainy outside). I use a green Nalgene bottle.
  3. I have a small, portable camp toilet that I made. I use it in conjunction with a privacy tent when I need to poop and there are no public restrooms around.

Excuse me while I get a bit graphic here, but I’ve never pooped while inside my SUV. I’ve never really needed to, and the idea of pooping and creating unpleasant odors in such a small space has never appealed to me. That said, different people have different priorities. For some, the best solution is to rig up a toilet inside of their vehicle so they can use it discretely without having to leave the vehicle. A few months back, SUV RVing reader/viewer Rainwood sent me a couple of photos of the toilet she built into the sleeping platform of her Subaru Forester:

A toilet installed in a Subaru Forester.
A toilet installed in a Subaru Forester.
Looking at the toilet from the other side. Note the "drawer" that makes the most of the space under the flatform.
Looking at the toilet from the other side. Note the “drawer” (a basket/bin) that makes the most of the space under the platform.

First, Rainwood removed the rear seats. And then here’s what she had to say about the toilet and how she made it:

“Since I want to be able to sit on my toilet, I found an old crock from a crock pot at a second-hand store. It is just the right height and fit where the back seat was. I found an RV toilet seat on line and built it in. Like I said, I’ll use plastic bags (they fit well) and kitty litter. I got the back windows tinted and am going to put curtains in for privacy.”

If being able to go to the bathroom while inside your SUV is important to you, Rainwood’s design looks like a great one to emulate.

She also had this to say about removing the seats:

“When I took out the back seats I had to add some foam to fill the space below the first wooden frame. Before placing the foam, there was a lot of noise from gasoline splashing around as I drove.”

And here are some pics of the seats removed and foam she added:

The rear seats removed
The rear seats removed
"Seat backs off, foam padding in deeper contours"
The seats and seat backs removed with foam padding placed in the deeper contours
The second layer of foam padding
The second layer of foam padding

Thanks for sharing, Rainwood!

Another option for adding a toilet to your SUV is to simply put a bucket toilet on the floor behind the front seats. I show that in this picture here (this is the toilet seat I bought):

A bucket toilet inside of an SUV
A bucket toilet inside of an SUV

Pictured is a 5-gallon bucket, but you could certainly get a smaller one if you wanted more headroom.

If you’d like to share some pics of your SUV camping setup with the SUV RVing community, get in touch using the form here.

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My Car Camping Kitchen

In this video I go through my camp kitchen/cooking setup. I cover the tables I use for preparing the food and putting my stoves on, the utensils I carry, the pots and pans I use, and more. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

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Below is a list of most of the gear I show in the video. I don’t include links to obvious/uninteresting things like the knives or plate. The items below appear roughly in the order that they appeared in the video. (Note: All of the Amazon links below are affiliate links.)


My Online Store Is Finally Up and Running!

I’m super excited to announce that my online store is finally live! It’s called Kamchatka Gear, named after a wild and remote region of far eastern Russia that I’ve long been fascinated with. In the video below, I explain a bit more about the site and my plans for it moving forward. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

And here are the Instagram and YouTube channel links: Instagram and YouTube.

Easy Car Camping Recipes: Breakfast Quesadilla

One of the most common requests I get is to cook more and show more recipes, so in this video I show how to make a delicious and hearty (though perhaps not terribly healthy) breakfast quesadilla. It’s an especially great meal for chilly mornings. It’s cheap and easy to make. What more can you ask for? (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

The End of My SUV Camping Adventure

All good things must come to an end, and in this video I finish up my monthlong SUV camping road trip. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

GPS Coordinates
* Ross Falls trailhead: 42.2166, -114.2876
* Ross Falls: 42.2148, -114.2898
* FS Flats: 42.1540, -114.2586
* Phantom Falls trailhead: 42.1085, -114.1265
* Phantom Falls: 42.0913, -114.1313
* Window Arch: 42.0760, -113.7173
* Campsite: 41.951767, -113.328352

Flying Cameras, Sandboarding & More in Southern Idaho!

In this video I check out some of the best and most beautiful areas that southern Idaho has to offer. I was really impressed with this part of the state and found several areas that I’d like to go back to in the future. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

* Oolite Interpretive Trail: 42.840935, -116.117302
* Box Canyon State Park: 42.709855, -114.791879
* Balanced Rock: 42.547313, -114.958352
* Campsite: 42.300782, -114.350618

(Mis)Adventures in Oregon and Idaho

In today’s video I explore some stunning natural landscapes in far eastern Oregon, check out an amazing waterfall in Idaho, find some incredible campsites that ultimately don’t work out, and have a couple of uncomfortably close animal encounters. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

* Charbonneau Grave: 42.951990, -117.339263
* Leslie Gulch: 43.298921, -117.269965
* Owyhee Reservoir: 43.321973, -117.328647
* Succor Creek: 43.472184, -117.123493
* Jump Creek Falls: 43.476924, -116.925027
* Celebration Park: 43.299834, -116.522404
* Buggy canyon rim campsites: 43.2355, -116.3676
* Campsite: 43.241047, -116.353948