Using a Laptop vs. Using a Tablet on Trips

In my day-to-day life, I use my laptop pretty much all day, every day for work, entertainment, and communication purposes, but I’ve found that it was less than ideal for using on the road. It’s getting longer in the tooth these days, and its battery isn’t what it used to be. On my extended SUV RVing trips, I had to be very selective about what I chose to do once I powered it on, and I had to start up the SUV whenever I wanted to charge the laptop back up. On top of that, it was too big and bulky to use it to watch a movie before bed. Laptops are machines that excel at being used on a desk or on a comfy couch, not in the confines of an SUV.  Continue reading “Using a Laptop vs. Using a Tablet on Trips”

Attaching a Tarp to an Awning to Make a Shade Wall

I cover in the SUV RVing book how I use a small tarp as an awning. It works great in the rain or when the sun is overhead, but it’s less useful early or late in the day when the sun is coming at you from the side. I experienced this for the first couple of evenings that I was in Jackson and decided to do something about it.  Continue reading “Attaching a Tarp to an Awning to Make a Shade Wall”

A Guide to Jackson, Wyoming, for SUV RVers and Vandwellers

I spent about two weeks last month in Jackson, Wyoming, gateway to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. It was my first visit to the area, and I really loved it. Jackson is an expensive place if you’re staying in a hotel or trying to buy real estate, but staying in your SUV or van is a great way to see all the area has to offer and not have to shell out too much money. Continue reading “A Guide to Jackson, Wyoming, for SUV RVers and Vandwellers”

I Found a Great Way to Store a Box of Tissues in My SUV

I’m currently partway through a multi-week road trip through Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and beyond. I’ve gone on several trips like this, and each time, I learn something new or come up with a new tip or better way of doing something. About a week ago I came up  better way to store a box of tissues: Continue reading “I Found a Great Way to Store a Box of Tissues in My SUV”

Exploring Wyoming’s Fossil Butte National Monument

I’d never heard of Fossil Butte National Monument before seeing it on Google Maps while planning a road trip through western Wyoming. It’s located just west of the town of Kemmerer, Wyoming. I decided to drop by on my way from the Uinta Mountains to Jackson.  Continue reading “Exploring Wyoming’s Fossil Butte National Monument”

The Book Is Now Available in Paperback

SUV RVing the book is now available in paperback on Amazon!

Also, I’m leaving today for a month-long SUV trip through northern Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. The main focus of the trip will be hiking and backpacking, and I’ll be in the mountains for days at a time. But I’ll also post here about the campsites and interesting things I find along the way. I’d also like to take some videos of my rig in action, so stay tuned for that.

The New Trip Planner

I’ve used a bunch in my travels. It’s nice and simple: you search for a city or town, and it shows you where there are free campsites nearby. Not too long ago (about 4 months ago), the site added a trip planner tool, and it looks great. I only learned about the tool last week, so I figured I’d share it here in case others haven’t found out about it yet. Continue reading “The New Trip Planner”

A Unique Sleeping Setup in the Back of a Ford Bronco

For a lot of SUVs, a great sleeping setup is the “table,” where you’ve got a sheet of plywood that is held up off of the floor of the SUV by 2×4 supports at the corners. Your bed and bedding material go on top of the plywood, and your gear goes underneath. It looks something like this: Continue reading “A Unique Sleeping Setup in the Back of a Ford Bronco”