Review: d.light S20 Rechargeable Solar Lantern

For a long time I used a headlamp for nighttime visibility inside my SUV. It worked well enough, and I recommend every SUV RVer or vandweller have one. The problem with headlamps is that they focus an intense amount of light in one just one direction, and I found that when I was inside of my vehicle, I wanted a softer light that brightened up the entire space. I realized that what I really wanted was a lantern. Continue reading “Review: d.light S20 Rechargeable Solar Lantern”

19 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in a Roof-Top Tent

In chapter 2 of the SUV RVing book, I talk about how using a roof-top tent is an option for SUV RVing. I have no first-hand experience with these and so there’s only so much I can say about them, but I ran across this great article at Adventure Journal about using them from someone who is currently “traveling the planet” in a Land Rover with a roof-top tent on top. If a roof-top tent is something you’re considering, be sure to give the article a read.

Most roof-top tents don’t really appeal to me because they still have most of the drawbacks of a traditional tent (i.e., they’re a pain to set up and take down) but are way, way more expensive than most traditional tents, but I guess I’m just missing something. The hard-sided tents like this or this look simpler and appeal to me more than the style shown in photos in the link above, but they’re also more expensive.

Photo: Nick and Dana Blizzard/Flickr

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Hi. I’m Tristan. I spend a lot of time traveling in my 2011 Toyota RAV4. When I first became interested in the idea of sleeping in my SUV, I spent a lot of time searching online for good information, but it was hard to come by. My system has evolved over time and through trial and error.

Having spent dozens of nights now in my little SUV, I’ve got a system that works for me, and the purpose of this site and the SUV RVing book (coming soon!) is to share what I’ve learned with others. I hope you find the info here useful.

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