Chapter 3: Storage

These are links to relevant things that I mention briefly in Chapter 3.Gap storage

This is the national road atlas I keep stored in one of the gaps.

Organizers and aftermarket vehicle storage

• High Road Car Visor Organizer – The visor organizer I use.
• Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor – The visor clip I use to store sunglasses.

The rear shelf

This is the “shelf” I use in the back of my SUV.

The roof

Rooftop cargo baskets, bags, and roof mat on Amazon.

As far as cargo boxes (aka car top carriers) are concerned, the ones by the big brands (e.g., Thule and Yakima) are very expensive. Ones that look like a great value to me are the X-Cargo series by Sears. They come in two sizes: 15 cubic feet and 20 cubic feet.

The back

Here are hitch-mounted cargo carriers on Amazon. Ones like this have a swing arm that lets the cargo carrier swing out of the way to make accessing stuff in the back of the SUV easier. And ones like this are an big plastic bin integrated into the rack and mounted on a swing arm.

Here’s a spare tire holder that attaches to the vehicle’s rear hitch mount.