Driving Across a River, Finding an Abandoned Truck & More!

In this video I start the 60-ish mile Cathedral Valley Loop through southern Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park. I drive across a river, come across an old abandoned truck, and drive through some truly epic desert landscapes before finding a buggy campsite on national forest land.

Learn more about the drive here. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

2 thoughts on “Driving Across a River, Finding an Abandoned Truck & More!”

  1. Tristan,
    Thank you that on one video you showed the light 15 dollar hiking chair. I went to Walmart yesterday and bought 2. They are about 3.5 lbs. each, much lighter than the chairs we have lugged to our grandkids’ games. And your easy style videos, love them as I also love the desert and mountains…Utah too. My favorite state. We’re in Central California. Keep up the good work and your inventing and adventures!

    1. Hi Dean. Isn’t that a great little chair? I really like mine. Utah is a gorgeous state. California definitely has a wider variety of beautiful places and a higher quantity of beautiful places, but I think that you’d be hard pressed to find a state that overall is as beautiful as Utah, especially the southern half of the state. It’s just unreal. Thanks Dean!

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