FREE Road Trip Journal

I just put the finishing touches on a downloadable/printable journal for SUV RVing, vandwelling, overlanding, road tripping, etc. It’s free and you can download it below.

The idea is that you download the PDF, print the necessary quantities of
the pages you need, punch holes in them, and stick them in a three-ring
binder. Take the binder with you on your trips and jot down the relevant information as desired.

After each page in the journal is an example page with red text that will help you better understand what each field is for. These pages do not need to be printed.

The printable pages in the journal include:

  • A few different kinds of blank pages for notes
  • Campsite log
  • Hiking log
  • Expense log
  • Vehicle maintenance log
  • Vehicle mileage log
  • Journaling page
  • Fuel expense log
  • “Trips at a glance” page
  • Blank to-do list
  • Blank shopping list
  • Location notes page
  • “Week at a glance” page
  • “Month at a glance” page

Again, you just need to print out the pages you’re interested in.

In addition to the pages in the journal, I also recommend printing a single-page year-at-a-glance calendar here.

**Click here to view/download the journal (PDF; 244 kB).**

This video (also embedded below) goes into a bit more detail about the journal and shows you how I’ve got mine arranged in a binder along with tabbed dividers, etc.

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  1. Hello,
    I’ve been watching your YouTube and was wondering where you find the clubs and the places you can stay?

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