The Rear Kitchen Trash Bag

When I’m on the road and need to cook, I usually do it at the rear of my SUV with the rear door open. The main bag that I put trash in is up on the front passenger seat, and I found that it was annoying to have to move from the back of the SUV around to the front just to throw a paper towel away. So I came up with a better solution.I put two little Command Hooks (the removable adhesive-backed hooks that you can buy at Walmarts and supermarkets) on the rear door of my SUV just below the rear window. Now whenever I’m cooking back there, I can hang a trash bag (i.e., plastic grocery bag) from the two hooks. Sometimes I just move the front trash bag to the back, and other times I’ll use a different bag.

The two little hooks below the rear window.
The two little hooks below the rear window.
A grocery bag hanging from the two hooks.
A grocery bag trash bag hanging from the two hooks.

I know that most SUV rear doors open up instead of out, and this trash bag could still be done with that kind of door if you use a Command Hook like this (and an Amazon link to something similar) that is not fixed but can hang down. Then the setup might look something like this:

SUV RVing trash management

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