Stunning Mountain Camping in Idaho!

In this video I head into southeastern Idaho for a quick overnight camping trip and see a handful of interesting sights along the way. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

And here’s a map of the trip that includes everything I saw and did in the video:

These are the places I go to in the video as shown on the map above. Links to relevant information elsewhere online are included where appropriate.

  1. Bear River Massacre Site (Lower) – Learn more about the Bear River Massacre on its Wikipedia page.
  2. Bear River Massacre Site (Upper)
  3. Pretty campsite I didn’t use
  4. My campsite in Caribou National Forest
  5. Standing Rock in Weston Canyon – More info here.
  6. Weston Reservoir
  7. Oldest Department Store in Idaho – More info here.
  8. Samaria Cemetery – Home of the “One Man, Two Headstones,” which you can find more info about here.
  9. Davis-Jenkins Cabin – More info here.
  10. Washakie “Ghost Town” – More info here.

Other places

There were also several things I saw and did on this trip that did not make it into the video. This is for two reasons: 1) The video would have been about 45 minutes long, but more importantly, 2) I felt that the video footage I had of these places wasn’t very interesting. But for reference, here they are:

  1. Casper’s Ice Cream Factory Store (Richmond, UT) – This company makes the supposedly famous “FatBoy” ice cream sandwiches, and the store has factory seconds and other cheap ice cream. I got an ice cream sandwich for $0.84, including tax. More info about the company on its Wikipedia page.
  2. Franklin, ID Historic District (Franklin, ID) – Franklin is the oldest town in Idaho and has a nice little historic district.
  3. Oneida Stake Academy (Preston, ID) – A neat old Romanesque building that used to be a Mormon school. Get an overview of it here on Wikipedia. If you want even more info, here’s a website dedicated to it.
  4. Napoleon Dynamite House (Preston, ID) – Napoleon Dynamite (Amazon affiliate link) is a weird cult classic comedy movie. Much of it was filmed in and around Preston, so I drove out to where Napoleon’s house is.

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