Well That Was Unexpected!

After a completely unexpected start to the day, I take care of some business in town and then head out to Cedar Mesa to hunt for Native American archaeological sites. I end up at one of my favorite places to camp. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

* House on Fire Ruin trailhead: 37.5374, -109.7323
* House on Fire Ruin: 37.54376, -109.74461
* Mule Canyon Towers trailhead: 37.5325, -109.7322
* Mule Canyon Towers: 37.5264, -109.7321
* Butler Wash Ruins trailhead: 37.5243, -109.6324
* Butler Wash Ruins: 37.5252, -109.6399
* Arch next to Butler Wash Ruins: 37.5256, -109.6394
* Campsite: 37.266934, -109.809694

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