I Found a Great Way to Store a Box of Tissues in My SUV

I’m currently partway through a multi-week road trip through Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and beyond. I’ve gone on several trips like this, and each time, I learn something new or come up with a new tip or better way of doing something. About a week ago I came up  better way to store a box of tissues:

The tissue box strapped to a headrest.
The tissue box strapped to a headrest

I just took a strap and buckle that I had in the car (and that you can buy for a couple of dollars at Walmart or order on Amazon for a bit more here) and strapped the tissue box to the passenger seat headrest.

Tissue box strapped to a headrest
Tissue box strapped to a headrest

It’s perhaps not the most, shall we say… elegant solution to the problem, but it works great! It gets the box up and out of the way.

Before this, the tissue box just kind of floated around in my car. Sometimes it was on the floor in front of the front passenger seat. Sometimes it was on the floor in front of the back seats. The passenger headrest is a great place for the box because it is right above the paper towel roll, which you can kind of see in that first picture above. Both are within reach regardless of where I am in the SUV.

Tissue boxIf you want something similar but a bit more flexible, with this thing from Amazon you can strap a tissue box to a headrest, sun visor, center console, etc. I haven’t seen or used it, but it looks pretty neat.

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