Little Grand Canyon & Broken Camera!

Sorry for the delay in getting a video out, but good internet access has been difficult to come by on this trip! In this video I head to central Utah’s Little Grand Canyon and promptly break my main video camera. Great. I also cook up a couple of easy meals. (Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

2 thoughts on “Little Grand Canyon & Broken Camera!”

  1. Good Vlog. Sorry about the camera.
    How many miles or hours do you drive between stops?
    What do you use as your main pre planning muse ? Art, Nature etc.?
    Thank You


    1. It depends on the trip and where I’m trying to get to. I might drive 10 hours in a day, or I might not drive at all. I wouldn’t say there’s really any consistent amount. It’s different every trip and every day of the trip.

      My main planning muse I suppose would be nature. I’m not too interested in visiting cities on my trips, so I try to go to remote areas. Interesting geological formations or features are a plus, as are Native American ruins or rock art. Mountains and deserts are my preferred areas to visit.

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