Nevada Like You’ve Never Seen It!

In this video I climb Boundary Peak, the highest mountain in Nevada. The scenery there was incredible! Then I drive north, back into California, and find a sweet campsite south of Lake Tahoe.

In the video I mention bears in Nevada. I did some more research about bear populations in the state and found this fascinating PDF report. It’s worth reading if you too are curious about the Nevada bear population.

(Click here if you can’t see the video below.)

Boundary Peak trailhead camp: 37.870374, -118.305075
Rest stop along the river: 38.4485, -119.4566
Edge of meadow camp in California: 38.681741, -119.631063

2 thoughts on “Nevada Like You’ve Never Seen It!”

  1. Tristan,
    Wishing my legs were younger! I’d go to some of these wonderful spots. Was along the raging Walker river this summer and Tahoe and Carson Valley. Such a wet winter in the Sierra Nevada after a 5 year drought. Prayers answered. There are many less dead trees on the eastern side than the 60,000,000 plus dead on the west side of the Sierra. I asked a ranger why so since the eastern side is drier. She said some of the trees are different species. However, mostly because the trees have grown accustomed through the centuries to less water and are more adapted to it. Keep filming your treks!

    1. Hi Dean! Huh, that’s an interesting tidbit about the trees on the east vs. west sides of the Sierra. Makes sense now that I’ve heard it, but I wouldn’t have thought that up on my own. And I didn’t know that there were so many dead trees on the west side. Thanks for sharing.

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